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Katikati Honey

The honey from family-run Katikati Honey is traceable from their hives to the pot. They produce a high- quality product that they’re proud of, working with integrity and passion at every stage of the process. The founders of the company, John and Sue Brown, opened a retail shop 40 years ago having begun beekeeping several years earlier. They had two daughters – Kelly and Nadine, with Nadine starting to help run the business 15 years ago. She now runs Katikati Honey with husband Steve, with the established principles being those of looking after the land and people first. Having healthy, happy bees and caring for the land is at the core of Katikati Honey’s ethos, as is providing outstanding honey for wholesale and direct to the consumer customers. The passion they put into producing honey is reflected in the product that you’ll get to taste when you place an order with us.

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