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Return Policy

Life with Health Limited committed to deal the returns in a friendly and efficient manner, with your total satisfaction as our over-riding concern.

We take every care to ensure your goods reach you in perfect condition and accept full responsibility for products damaged in transit. All items are insured against theft and accidental damage whilst in transit from Life with Health to the shipping address. Once your items have been delivered to the specified delivery address and signed after satisfy with the products, they are no longer covered by insurance.

If the Goods are found in the damaged situation upon delivered, please do not sign the acceptance and receive the Goods. Notify the situation to Life with Health at order@lifewithhealth.co.nz within 8 hours, together with the invoice number.

Return of unwanted Goods must be reported to Life with Health within 24 hours of their receipt together with the invoice number. Life with Health reserves the right to charge a handling fee of up to 20% of the original invoice value where those Goods are returned. An authorisation is required by Life with Health prior to the return of any Goods and Life with Health is under no obligation to grant any such authorisation.Any Goods returned must be clean and free from price markings. Goods that have been damaged or are not resaleable may not be credited in full.

Customs and import regulations vary widely between countries. Some of the products we sell via this website are prohibited for importation into certain countries. Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to be aware of all of the regulations specific to any given country. Where we are aware of any particular import restrictions, we endeavour to make note of this on the product detail page.

It's entirely your responsibility to ensure that any goods which you order are not prohibited/restricted within your delivery country. Life with Health Limited accepts no liability for the refund/replacement of any goods or any costs relating to, or arising from, the importation or confiscation of any goods by your countries Customs Office or other government body. Likewise any import duty or tax payable on your order is not our responsibility and is beyond our control.

If your order is returned to us due to banned/restricted products, a wrong address or refusal to pay fees, we are unable to issue you a refund for products that are returned to us.